Partners you can trust

Leaders with experience and integrity

Cameron Sobolik


Cameron is a growth maven who took Telus Mobility’s integrated CRM and billing from 92K subscribers to over 2M, and grew the 360 Networks race for growth from a single office to more than 50 worldwide.

The 360 race for growth (and it truly was a race) included acquisitions, mergers, and untold integrations of people and systems. Cameron has maintained that drive for over 10 years at TCap, starting as CTO before moving into the CEO position.

Rob Madigan


Rob, TCap’s founder and chairman, Rob grew his business from a paper sketch into a $100M+ company with 450 employees at its peak. He now focuses on private equity investments and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Ivelina Vladimirova


Ivelina began her career as a telecom engineer and rapidly moved through software project management and affiliate marketing. As TCap’s COO, she oversees all areas of the business for our portfolio companies, including software development, operations, marketing, HR, and customer service.

She also doubles as a primary trouble-shooter for software development.

Ian MacLeod


Ian has extensive transaction experience, in addition to his general legal and management skills. His skills and insights enable TCap to close deals and bring on new companies and partners with integrity and efficiency.

Ian is also an accomplished tax planner who always ensures an optimal deal structure.

Peter Gill


Peter has worked in finance for over 25 years, both as a corporate CFO for private and public companies, and as an investment manager who ran a successful hedge fund for several years. He is a CPA, CGA, and CFA charter holder with extensive experience in operations and general management, as well as negotiation and deal-making. Peter started his career as a software engineer for clients including Merrill Lynch and Georgia Pacific.