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Building digital products for visionary founders and celebrated brands

Neon is a venture-backed, triple bottom line product company. Committed to designing and building products that matter, Neon partners with funded startups and Fortune 100 companies to create first-of-their kind products.

The process leans heavily on validation. By ensuring an idea is thoroughly tested, partners can get to market faster, with a better product. 

Neon’s contribution goes even further to pinpoint options to pivot or extend the offering and capture peripheral opportunities that were not part of the original vision. Once a product is validated, Neon’s dedicated team helps scale the opportunity with brand launches, media planning, conversion analysis, and business optimization.

TCap launched Neon from the ground up in 2018 and invested growth capital in early 2019, giving Neon the equity it needed to expand, while ensuring TCap’s portfolio companies can access a leading digital product partner. TCap also provides functional and strategic support through mentorship, financing, human resources, recruitment, and more.

In just one year, TCap’s support enabled Neon to ship products for Fortune 100 companies and bring ideas to life for several visionaries.

Neon has worked with a storied American brand to conceive, design, and develop a first-of-its-kind AR application. The team partnered with another U.S. start-up to create a machine learning-driven document analysis and contract comparison product for some of the world’s largest investment banks. 

TCap is currently working with Neon on a new venture that will disrupt a laggard industry. In addition, Neon has contributed service-for-equity to two of TCap’s wellness-focused portfolio companies. With its investment in a leading product agency, TCap is even better prepared to bring out the best in businesses.

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